Last week, I was able to develop front end of a review website that was mobile responsive as well, using html and CSS.

A few years into a well settled life, stable income, family around me, food on the table, picture perfect everything, suddenly I was falling apart. Miserable, sick, not able to sleep, on the verge of tears all the time, no energy to do anything — what was happening? …

A month ago, I committed to myself to give myself a reboot, and go back to learning something new. It was hard, but I knew I could give it a shot and try to attempt it. To achieve that, I signed up for a course in web development called Jadu…

Lately I stumbled upon Flexbox Froggy; an awesome way to learn about flex properties that helps in setting the flexible lengths on the flexible items while coding in html+CSS. The link goes as follows:

It’s a cute frog game where on has to write a simple flex code to…


a momacoder

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