Two Weeks into Jadu — and Coding

So finally we are done with two weeks into Jadu Jobs (, which is the fellowship learning program for full stack development, and here is what went down:

  • A kickstart on html coding.
  • Development atmosphere, use of VSS (thank God for VSS. Notepad is hard — no offense intended), GitHub, an amazing Discord community (that has my Jadu colleagues and mentors), and this blog on Medium
  • Lessons on personal branding via social media.

Lets just say Arsalan Khattak, our tech mentor is a good teacher. He talks precise, no time wasted over useless stuff, has a grip on his subject, very professional and — bonus points — does some really cool icebreakers with us as well.

Saad Hamid, a well known name in the Pakistani tech community, is our mentor from the marketability perspective. His insights and knowledge on the subject are not only useful but also give a clear picture on how the market out there is, and how an aspiring coder can and has to effort their way into the market that’s competitive yet needs resources, (both on desk and remote).

While I did manage to code my first html website (yaay, it’s anything but a simple hello world) I still have a long way to go, and I hope by the end of this Fellowship I’m atleast on the path to code good enough to take it seriously and may make a career out of it some day (Inshallah — if Allah wills!!)

a momacoder